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One year anniversaries are always a special time.

I always ask myself, has it been a year already? We always wonder how it went so fast.

It was September 15, 2016. Earlier that day, we had released Ethos Magazine Issue 1, and the future seemed to hold great promise.

I was Chief Editor at the time, and happy to be working with Kermie and Dragonlover on an exciting new project, a magazine for boylovers, written and published by boylovers.

In that time so much has changed, and the magazine has grown tremendously. On the tech side, we have matured into a real online presence, becoming “true adults” on the Internet.

I’ve also had the pleasure of making many new friends, and even come close to losing a few. But sadly, in the past year, we did lose someone. Kermie, the founder of Enchanted Island, Ethos, and Weird Radio.

So I dedicate this anniversary issue of Ethos Magazine to everyone’s favorite frog, our good friend Kermie.

- Zoomzoom4
Director, Ethos Magazine