Ethos Magazine is a publication run by volunteers from the boylove community, and is released every four months (April, August, and December). Together we create an entertainment venue for BLs and through this same effort we create a sense of unity, to demonstrate that while there are many different boards that we are all still one community.

Each issue of Ethos aims to broaden your horizons on what boylove is, and also on how different boylovers live their lives. You'll see boylovers reflecting on parts of their past, on moments they've had with boys, and also their outlook on the future. Let's not forget that you'll be seeing creative content, and even interviews with boylovers in the community.

Ethos exists because we are given the right to free speech. We are not preaching a teaching or belief or trying to manipulate a system into acceptance of something they don't want to accept. We will never tell you what to believe or think, because free speech and free will is something our community strongly relies on and believes in. Enjoy the journey through Ethos, and maybe discover something new.

Things we do not do:

  • Advocate for political movements, rebellions, or social change. We leave that activism to the real activists. We're just an outlet for opinions and entertainment.
  • Pick sides on the pro-contact or anti-contact debate. We're neither, and we will not side with either of those two arguments.