Want to contribute to Ethos?

You are more than welcome to. Anyone is, provided that they want to. It's pretty simple.

Below, there are some guidelines on what we do and don't want for Ethos. As long as your contribution is within these guidelines, it's very welcome for consideration.

We will always consider submitted content, but there are never guarantees or promises.

What we do like

  • Boy moments and reflections
  • Boy stories (real or fictional)
  • Boylove outside of Western countries
  • Boys toys and technology
  • Boylove history articles
  • Profiles on famous boys
  • Boy-related reviews for movies and books
  • Boy-related comedy and humour
  • Boylove board/forum memories and tributes
  • Messages to boys you love
  • Boys and health
  • Boys and beauty
  • Creative works (poetry, etc.)
  • Boy-related fashion
  • Plus lots of other boy-related subjects

Some pieces can be short, and some can be long. We will review everything submitted. We have a word limit of 4,000 (four-thousand) words, because much more than that is too much. Submissions longer than 4k words may either be split, or not used at all. Keep in mind that we do have to put this in Ethos and people do have to read it.

Your submission can be two paragraphs, if that's what you want to submit. We will give it the same amount of consideration as any other piece.

What we don't like

This list is much shorter. It's nicer to read.

We will not accept your submission if it:

  • Encourages boylovers to take stances in, or focuses on, the pro-/anti-contact debate
  • Encourages boylovers to partake in political or social movements
  • Appears intended to convey a strongly religious message
  • In any form encourages illegal behaviour
  • Is overly erotic or salacious in nature
  • Attacks a person
  • Attacks a boylove board
  • Is discriminatory towards any subset of people
  • Is clearly spam or a troll submission

There is a reason that we do not accept those sorts of things. We are not and never will be a political publication, and we're not here for anyone to advocate their religion. We value your opinions, but we're not a platform for your political opinions even if they are boylove-related. We're not going to be a platform for advocacy of anything other than entertainment.

Sexual content is just not what we want to give you either. Aside to being illegal in some places, it's weird to put that sort of thing in an otherwise professional publication.