Last update: May 29, 2018

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  • Ethos is not MBM. Content in MBM is subject to a separate disclaimer, which you can find in each copy of MBM.

Global disclaimer statements

  • We do not, and cannot, represent the entirety of the boylove community. At no time should you take anything said through Ethos (including the website, magazine) as representative of the boylove community.
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Disclaimer regarding Ethos Magazine and content

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Disclaimer about MBM

  • We (Ethos) have not created any issue of MBM. We are hosting their content so that the community may continue to read it.
  • Opinions represented within MBM and the articles within each issue of MBM are solely that of the article author, and that opinion may not be shared by MBM, the individuals who created MBM, Ethos, the individuals who create Ethos, or the wider boylove community.
  • There may be additional disclaimer statements inside each issue of MBM which are not listed here. Please read them if you feel you need more information.