Periodically we get asked some questions, or have to tell you guys some things, so that you understand some things about Ethos. The most common things we get asked are here, along with their answers.

Does Ethos belong to any BL board?

No, we do not. We do not belong to any board. We will never belong to a board because Ethos is for the collective boylove community. Not just one piece of it.

Who can submit content?

Anyone can, provided that what you submit is relevant to the boylove community in some way. This could be a boy moment, your review on a boy actor in a movie/TV show, a fictional story with a boy, even your first contact with the BL community and how you felt about it. There's a list of things we accept here.

Where can I submit content?

You can use our submission form here, or you can email it to us at submissions [at] ethosonline [dot] net.

I need to contact Ethos about something other than submissions. Where do I go?

We have a contact form available here if you need to talk to us about anything else.
Alternatively, email us directly at contact [at] ethosonline [dot] net.