Interview with BL in Black

Lil Monster: Hey.

BL in Black: Hey.

LM: Did you order my extra small condoms?

BLIB: Mmmmm that sounds nice.

LM: What are you writing for the next issue of Ethos?

BLIB: I will be writing an article about values in society, and how they seem contradictory, and how that is especially noticable when they apply to society's attitude toward us.

LM: You mean hypocritical?

BLIB: Yes, I think so. I'll give you an example. On one hand, many people in society claim that freedom of expression should be a right. However, so many of these people also believe that we as minor-attracted persons should have no right to speak up in favor of their sexuality. That is hypocrisy, in my opinion.

LM: I would agree with you there, but they would probably argue that us being a "danger" negates that right (just playing devils advocate here).

BLIB: Well, I'm sure many people do believe that, but I still believe it highlights the hypocrisy. One of the realities of having the right to freedom of expression is to even allow those who you don't agree with, or those whose views make you feel uncomfortable, or even those you perceive as a danger to society, to tell their side of the story.

LM: What is your take on the Culkins? Rory, Kieran or Macauley .. which is better?

BLIB: Eh, well to be honest I haven't paid much attention to Rory, but hey, who could not notice Macaulay. It's just a shame what fame can do to a child though, when you look what happened to him later in life.

LM: To be honest I didn't pay much attention to him once he grew up.

LM: How did you first discover you were a boylover? What happened?

BLIB: It was when I was quite young, and growing up. Before puberty, I knew I was starting to have feelings for boys who were younger than myself. I felt like I could relate to them, and was attracted to their childishness and felt a desire to be with them and mentor them. But then when I hit puberty, it became a lot more intense, and I also began to develop feelings of intense depression and isolation knowing that I was different.

LM: Sorry to hear that. Do you think discovering you were attracted to boys was the main cause of that?

BLIB: It was probably a number of things, but no doubt that was one of the significant ones. In our society there is no help available for young developing boylovers, they are left completely on their own. That is really tough and scary for such a young teenager to deal with.

LM: That's why the boards are so important.

BLIB: Yes, and I've been adamant about this for a long time. They are the only lifeline basically for this sexual minority to get support.

LM: How many boards have you been on?

BLIB: Just one so far, Enchanted Island. But I really felt it was a helpful link for me to find support. I felt I really made a big contribution by airing my thoughts and writing posts on crucial issues which need to be discussed. This is important, to help our community grow.

LM: How are you coping without our beloved Enchanted Island?

BLIB: Well, it was a big loss, there's no doubt about that. I believe it was a setback, but I have confidence that it will be no more than that. We as a community are resilient and I have strong faith that we can continue to grow.

LM: think you're right.

LM: So you like boys, but have you ever been attracted to females?

BLIB: Yes, when I was a boy I was attracted to females, and still am now, but to a lesser extent. Boys are very much in the foreground, and at heart I feel much more like a BL than a typical regular straight bloke.

LM: Have you ever worn lipstick?

BLIB: No, lol, why do you ask?

LM: Just popped in there lol. I'm making this up as I go, okay.

LM: What's your take on the current state of American politics?

BLIB: Well, where do I start on that one? Of course, I feel that Trump's policies are awful and outrageous. However, regarding BLs, I actually feel he's the better candidate of the two. I take note that he has a wife who's a former model more than two decades younger. I can't see Hillary condoning something like that.

LM: I hadn't considered Trump's love of the younger female until now, especially how that may effect his stance on pedophiles. Do you really think it will make a difference?

BLIB: Well, I'm not unrealistic, I don't expect him to suddenly stand up and cheer for us. But I do feel overall that the US media right now is very much switched off from focusing on pedophiles, and oddly, I think all this outrageous stuff that's happening with Trump, helps distract from that.

LM: And of course, Barron. Lol. Got to ask you about him.

BLIB: Oh yes, he's an adorable, unique kid it seems. Good looking, rich and powerful - what BL couldn't like him.

LM: There is some speculation as to whether he is autistic, what's your view?

BLIB: I wouldn't know enough about him to know for sure. However, yes I do note the speculation, regarding him being unique, eccentric and independent.

LM: All good traits for a human being.

BLIB: Oh yes, very much so. And we as pedophiles, of all people, should be able to relate to that. I believe independent thought is one of our strengths.

LM: It's a pity he is going to look like a waxwork left too close to a radiator like his dad in 50 years.

BLIB: That is a shame yes, boys grow up too quickly (sigh).

LM: What do you see happening for pedophiles in the future? Will it get better for us?

BLIB: I think so, yes. I think we are already starting to see early signs of that now, in some parts of the world. Cuts are being made, and attention is being taken off us by the media. Overall I think we are dawning on a new age of negligence, where people will leave us alone much more, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

LM: Do you think BL is a sexuality or just an age preference?

BLIB: I believe boylove and girl love are sexualities in their own right, in addition to gay and straight.

LM: What is your AoA?

BLIB: I struggle these days to come up with a clearly defined range, but I'll just say I like boys of all ages, with a special focus on the little ones.

LM: Me too, I love the little ones.

BLIB: Nice :)

LM: As you know, I don't define myself either.

LM: Do you believe sexuality can change and evolve, and have you evolved over time? And would you mind sharing some of that evolution?

BLIB: Well, I do note that most boylovers I've met certainly think that sexuality is genetic, or naturally determined. And while I personally think it's clear that it's not something that can be changed voluntarily, I am still undecided as to the nature/nurture question of it. One thing I would like to point out is that our current society accepts that homosexuality is genetic and cannot be changed, so by that reasoning, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't apply the same logic to us. But they don't - another example of hypocrisy.

LM: That's a great point.

BLIB: Thank you.

LM: Do you have any final words of wisdom, advice, or thoughts you'd like to share?

BLIB: My advice to young boylovers is this: Don't give up. At times it may seem like society is all against you, but don't let yourself be defined by their beliefs towards you. Be strong, be independent, be resilient, and change may be coming sooner than you think.

LM: Thanks, BL in Black, I really enjoyed that.

BLIB: You're welcome.

LM: I need a cigarette now.