Interview with Bounty

Lil Monster: Hello.

Bounty: Hello.

LM: How are you?

Bounty: I'm quite well, thank you. Yourself?

LM: Not bad, I'm just eating a turkey sandwich.

Bounty: Did it fit on the bread? A country is a bit big...

LM: Lol it fits. So you like politics, what do you think of communism?

Bounty: I think that for humanity to progress we need communism. Communism tends to be misunderstood, and it has gotten a bad rep with the US fighting the USSR in a series of proxy wars during the period 1945-1990. With most media that is consumed being US-centered it tends to portray the USSR, and with it communism, in a very negative light.

People also generally bring up the USSR or North Korea as examples of how communism has failed. Ignoring for a moment that neither NK or the USSR post WWII were true to the original Marxist viewpoints, they ignore the successes of it. Cuba has raised literacy rates, and is currently the home of the best medical university in the world. Clearly a good example of how communism is not a failed experiment that 'works in theory, but can't work in practice'.

LM: So Cuba is a success story?

Bounty: Very much so.

LM: What do you think will happen if the world doesn't embrace communism

Bounty: We're fast running out of resources in the world, gas, oil... We're destroying this planet. Meanwhile we have places that can produce so much energy using sustainable methods... Solar panels in parts of Africa, Windparks in the sea, hydroplants... We have these resources, but due to nationalism we refuse to share them with each other...

'From each according to their ability, to each according to his needs'. We have the ability to give the world sustainable energy, but we'd rather destroy the planet than to share. I think that if we don't embrace communism that eventually we will kill each other for every last scrap of fossil fuel, destroying this planet in the process.

LM: Mr. Trump doesn't believe in climate change at all.

Bounty: Mr. Trump is an idiot. Not believing in something that has been proven by science again and again doesn't make it any less true. Ostrich policies have no place in politics.

LM: What do you think of Al Gore?

Bounty: I have no real opinion on him. He used the fame he got running for President of the US to highlight a critical issue, but nothing he said was shocking or mind-blowing. Science already knew all of that. The world already knew all of that. When I was in primary school, I got taught every single thing that he has said in 'An inconvenient truth'.

It's just the US that refuses to acknowledge what science has told us. Too busy chasing down the bottom line and bonuses at the end of the year.

LM: I think I read in an article, though I can't say which, that some people believe Trump will refuse to leave the white house after his term. Suggesting that's how dictators are born.

Bounty: I'm not sure how the writers of said article envision him doing so. There is an army of Secret Service agents in the White House, Secret Service agents who are getting disgruntled because of his actions, I don't think Mr. Trump will be able to stay in the White House after his term is over if he wants to.

LM: He could get in a closet and wait for whoever is elected next to need a blowjob.

Bounty: The need of the blowjob vanishes if it's revealed Mr. Trump will be the one giving it.

LM: What do you think of Angela Myrkles (spelling) open door policy?

Bounty: What open door policy? There is no such thing.

LM: I saw it on the news that she defends her open door policy to asylum seekers, but she isn't happy that they are taking holidays to the country they claim to have been persecuted in. I'm paraphrasing of course.

Bounty: These are 2 different issues. The so called open door policy is referring to the asylum seekers from the Arab peninsula, mostly Syrian, fleeing the civil war and ISIS. A large amount of asylum seekers have come to Europe, yes, however Europe is big.

Jordan has taken in about 1.4 million refugees from Syria, and Jordan is not so big. So to say that we have an open door policy is just flat out wrong. We are doing less than our best to provide shelter to people fleeing from a place where their very lives are at risk. Risks made worse by the west in performing air strikes on cities, because they are occupied by a terrorist group...

Air strikes on civilian targets... The very actions of the US, of Russia, and of a number of other nations are against the Geneva convention, and are considered war crimes if performed by anyone else.

The asylum seekers going back to the country they're fleeing from is more south, I personally know of people from Eritrea that have done so, and continue to do so. I know that in my country they are actively looking for these people, and their refugee status is withdrawn, and they are expelled back into Eritrea. I am unaware of people from other countries doing so though, but I don't rule it out outright.

LM: It's difficult to know for sure who is in the wrong with Russia one side and America the other it's not clear. And we are totally ignoring what's happened in Yemen. So when do you think the world is going to accept us MAPs?

Bounty: Never.

LM: Good answer.

Bounty: We have a chance to make it legal, if all MAPs in the world made a concentrated effort to all run for office, get elected with an absolute majority, and then pass laws abolishing the age of consent, decriminalising CP, and all that rot. But the chances of that happening are approaching 0. And even then, that's only the legal status, it still leaves us with societal views, though they might change over several generations.

LM: If the law changes perhaps more people would admit they are MAPs and it would become more acceptable over time. What do you think of the AoC changes in Spain and Netherlands?

Bounty: The Netherlands had an AoC change?

LM: Didn't it used to be 12 at some point?

Bounty: No. In fact, the Age of Consent in the Netherlands has been lowered from 21 for homosexual relations to 18, and then later 16. It was lowered from 18 to 16 for heterosexual relations at the same time.

LM: That's the same as what happened in the UK.

Bounty: At one point a political party formed in the Netherlands by Ad van den Berg and Martijn Uittenbooghaard called Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit (PNVD), but that never got off the ground, being known as the paedo party, because the 2 founders were also key members of MARTIJN, the Dutch equivalent of NAMBLA. MARTIJN has since been banned.

LM: There was a group in the UK that was similar called pie. Paedophile Information Exchange.

Bounty: Interesting, I was unaware of that.

LM: So was I, just googled it.

Bounty: As for the situation in Spain, they bowed to international pressure to increase the Age of Consent in Spain from 13 to 16, supposedly to bring it in line with the rest of Europe. Which is interesting, because though with 13 it used to be the lowest in Europe, it was not in fact enormously out of line.

11 countries in Europe currently have an AoC of 14, including Italy and Germany. And currently there's lobbying from youth advocacy organizations in Belgium to lower the Age of Consent from 16 to 14, with a desire from the same youth advocacy organizations to lower it to 12 even.

Going back to the Netherlands for a moment, what has changed is the prosecutorial conduct regarding sex with minors. It used to be that sex with anyone over 12 was only prosecuted if the underage person filed a complaint. So while the age of consent was 16, it effectively was 12 for consensual relationships, even if they were intergenerational.

That has now changed, and it's perfectly acceptable for the justice department to actively prosecute those cases that were previously considered complaint only.

LM: That's really interesting perhaps that's a good model for a law change world-wide.

Bounty: Personally I disagree with an age of consent in the first place, but if there has to be one it should at the very least be drawn at the same age as that of criminal responsibility.

LM: What age is criminal responsibility?

Bounty: Unfortunately, it varies between countries

LM: I think it's 10 in the UK that some crimes can be prosecuted as adults. Murder for e.g.

Bounty: The US has the loosest sense, having none. So a child of any age is capable of being prosecuted for a crime. I don't mean prosecuted as adult, I mean prosecuted period. If a child is capable of being held responsible for a crime, then obviously a child is capable of making their own decision on whether or not to have sex.

LM: That's a very good point yes.

Bounty: No age in the US, 10 in the UK and a large part of the commonwealth, 12 in a number of EU countries.

LM: And of course this means that children can end up on registers of sex offenders.

Bounty: Yes.

LM: The very register that is meant to protect children we are led to believe.

Bounty: In-fact. in the US, the mode of the age of the people being put on the Sex Offenders Register is 14 at the time they are put on the list. So you get the situation where a 14yo is put on the register for having sex with another 14yo, this is put as 'having intercourse with a child under the age of 16'.

They neglect to mention that the person was under the age of 16 at the same time... And 20 years later you get a 34yo on the register with a note of 'having intercourse with a child under the age of 16', which is a significantly different thing. 14 + 14 vs 34 +14

LM: Who do you think would win in a fight between Silvio Berlusconi and Donald trump?

Bounty: Hm, I think Berlusconi might win, for absolutely no reason.

LM: Certainly seems like he gets more pussy. Though they both seem to value it. Do you have any religion?

Bounty: Not sure about value, but Trump certainly wants to grab it.

LM: Lol

Bounty: Yes, I am an active member of the Anglican Church.

LM: You attend regular?

Bounty: I do.

LM: I have to admit I didn't see that coming. You didn't strike me as the religious type. Not sure why.

Bounty: And I am a lay clerk, and have taught Sunday school in the past.

LM: I enjoy getting layed.

Bounty: So do I, especially by some choristers.

LM: There are a lot of Christian BLs and at least there used to be Christian BL groups. Have you ever belonged to such a group?

Bounty: I have not. I wasn't even aware there were so many. I only know of 2 or 3 others.

LM: What sort of music do you listen to?

Bounty: At this very moment I'm listening to Song of Durin by Clamavi de Profundis

LM: Sounds classical

Bounty: It is actually an arrangement of a song Tolkien wrote, but yes, I listen to a lot of classical music. Partially because it's the genre of music I perform in myself, but also because I just enjoy listening to it.

LM: The same person who wrote The Lord of the Rings?

Bounty: The very same. The text of the song is actually from either Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. At the very least something he wrote.

LM: I didn't even know he was a song writer.

Bounty: The people from Clamavi de Profundis just put it to music.

LM: I just googled it and it sounds very Lord of the Ring-sy. I'm into rock and metal myself, which I admit makes me seem like a geologist lol

Bounty: I'm not just into classical music, I quite like metal myself.

LM: What bands? I love Nightwish.

Bounty: Nightwish, though preferably with Tarja Tuurunen, not Annette or whomever it is that is singing currently. Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica. Mostly symphonic metal.

LM: Have you heard much of Tarjas solo music?

Bounty: Too often with a female singer, whom I inevitably try to mimic, knowing I'll never reach those high notes... Not a lot, but some yes.

LM: Lol well a pair of pliers down below and you could get those notes.

Bounty: I'm afraid that my voice has long since broken. So that not even pliers will work.

LM: Lol. Do you like boy voices? Like Billy Gilman?

Bounty: Some voices, yes. Some boys have a nice voice and a nice face, that's great, sometimes a boy has just a nice voice and a not so great appearance, which is okay, I'll just listen. Other boys don't have such a great voice, but look good, then I'll just mute and watch xD

LM: Lol. Have you any YFs?

Bounty: Currently I have no real YFs, there's one sort of, on the way there. I have had YFs in the past.

LM: What's your AoA?

Bounty: There is no real hard line, but generally between 4 and 14, but definitely more to the younger end than the higher end.

LM: Me too the younger the better. I know how pervy that sounds but whatever.

Bounty: Eh, definitely not the younger the better, babies are definitely not my thing.

LM: Yea out of diapers for sure. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Bounty: Unless the diapers are for fun. Personally I don't believe in reincarnation, but I don't claim to know the absolute truth.

LM: Oh lol yea I have interviewed 2 people who like diapers so far. I find it fascinating though it's not my cup of tea.

Bounty: *shrug* don't know why, they're just kind of sexy. That said, I don't really want them used. I'm not really into watersports myself, rather ambivalent about that.

LM: Some adults love to wear them.

Bounty: I don't want adults to wear them, I don't want to wear them myself, I like to see them on boys. Not as much as I like to see briefs on them though.

LM: Yea briefs are the best. Do you have any fetishes?

Bounty: Boys in briefs is the biggest one.

LM: No point me asking you the old question boxers or briefs. What about circumcision?

Bounty: I find non-medical circumcision to be an atrocity. There is no benefit to circumcision whatsoever.

LM: I agree.

Bounty: In fact, it causes more harm than it does good. And we should at the very least rename the non-medical cases as MGM, not circumcision. Circumcision is a medical procedure. If there is no medical reason behind it, it's just mutilation.

LM: Who is the biggest prick, a hedgehog or a porcupine?

Bounty: Hedgehog of course.

LM: Do you have any final words of advice or wisdom you'd like to share with your fellow MAPs?

Bounty: The law is not morality. Morality is not law. Decide for yourself what your stance is on interaction with kids, be it sexual or not. Turn your attraction into your gift, channel it productively, don't wallow in it. Find a way to help children. Be a teacher, a scout leader, a sports trainer, a buddy...

The relationship comes first, before anything else, it's about the bond you have, if that bond expresses itself physically, so be it. If it doesn't, so be it.

LM: It's been great to interview you my friend. Thank you.

Bounty: Hopefully it's of use.

LM: I think it was a great one.