Interview with Kermie

This interview with Kermie took place in April 2016, conducted by 420Guy. Kermie was active in the BL community for many years, and was an owner of Enchanted Island until his passing on October 6th, 2016.

420Guy: How long have you been involved in the BL community, and what was the first board that you joined?

Kermie: Really started working with BL 20 years ago before the boards came about. Back then it was Yahoo groups that would spring up and be taken down.

420Guy: Would you say things have changed for the better... or the worse for our community over the years?

Kermie: I doubt there will ever be as many members on BL boards as there once were. Sadly, most have left the idea.

420Guy: Do you think this is because of the number of LEOs and posers who have been in the community over the years? Or is it just a sign of the times?

Kermie: Sign of the times. Most shy away from boards.

420Guy: Are there any particular projects that you were a part of in the past that you are proud of?

Kermie: I have worked with some wonderful people over the years. Lost many good friends. I am simply proud they allowed me to learn from them.

420Guy: What were you like as a boy... what sort of activities did you enjoy?

Kermie: I was a loner. Really didn’t have many friends. Played some tennis. Got good enough to play college and teach it some.

420Guy: When did you first realize that you had an attraction to younger boys? How did you deal with those thoughts and emotions?

Kermie: When I was six or seven, I had a cousin I liked. Since then I was attracted to boys. I hold most of my feelings inside, as many boylovers do.

420Guy: Did you have any childhood sexual encounters?

Kermie: One when I was six with an eight-year-old cousin. Innocence at the time. Then again when I was 13 with a neighbor of the same age.

420Guy: Have you ever been attracted to the opposite sex, or older males?

Kermie: Had relations with ladies, but it really was only to keep people from talking.

420Guy: When did you hop into the idea of starting Enchanted Island, and what was the biggest challenge?

Kermie: I have been working on boards for many years. Seen things I thought would work well and some that did not. About two and a half years ago I decided to create a board.

Kermie: I may own these boards but they are not about me at all. They are about the staff and members. In creation of EI let me say a special thanks to Dragonlover my Administrator who helped formulate the board’s creation. To Johnny and CQ, my techs. Administrators who spent many hours with all the technical work and to all those who work so hard every day to keep it a special place.

Kermie: I am honored to have the best in all those fields. And this is just the beginning of the dream.

420Guy: Enchanted Island has many games, contests, and fun little tweaks that make it unique (the URL-redirect message as an example). Do you feel these add an important element to a board?

Kermie: I am blessed to have some of the best staff and members. We work together to have fun. A board needs to be challenged. Change is a good thing when handled correctly.

420Guy: What is your favorite feature on EI?

Kermie: The chat seems to be the most popular. It stays active 24/7.

420Guy: One of the projects to come from Enchanted Island is a new BL logo. Can you tell us why you felt the need for a new logo?

Kermie: As you know the old triangle came about with little fanfare.

Kermie: First... the old logo is so well known, I have seen it used on regular television shows.

Kermie: Second... With so many talented boylovers, I thought, why can’t we create something new.

Kermie: Thirdly... in Ancient times the Christians could be known by the wearing a necklace of a fish emblem. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could show our pride one day without everyone knowing what it stood for?

420Guy: WEIRD Radio is another project that you’ve been working on, can you tell us a little about the station? Where does the name come from?

Kermie: The station reaches out to bond all the boards and sites as one. From the outset, sites have been afraid to even mention one another. Together we are much stronger than as separate entities. The world hates us... why hate each other? Music is a bond. We can at least share that one fact and grow from there.

Kermie: A couple of years ago, a member of the Island created a radio station. We supported him. Right from the start I could see how it was a wonderful idea. However he was a busy person and could only do a show every month or two. I knew if you could merge the radio with boards and web sites it could do something special. I offered a few times to purchase his station. He really did not want to sell, which I totally understand. I still love and care about his success. The actual name came from one of my best friends, Bob.

Kermie: I sought out many for ideas. We wanted to integrate a station where we would have many shows. Interviews with boylovers and others. Speak to authors, leaders, scholars and professionals.

Kermie: Radio has the ability to reach people where regular sites can not.

Kermie: I designed an about the DJs area on the station where we use humor to make people smile.

Kermie: These is nothing BL about the site other than the programming. We want to show that being a BL is normal. I sought the help of Rob2014, who helped me with the format and programming. Johnny, who spent three or four 18-hour days building the site, and Emerys, who designed the logo and site banner. A huge thanks to all my DJs, who without them we have no station: Dragonlover, Scorpion, Johnny, Rob2014, Zoomzoom4, LtDreamer, Skeeter, and some weirdo named Gorf.

Kermie: I also need to thank all our sponsor sites who allow us to link the station. We mention them in every live show.

420Guy: Boylove radio... so do the DJs play nothing but boy singers and talk dirty about little boys?

Kermie: They do not talk dirty at all. They play the types of music they personally enjoy. Some do rock, some jazz. We do have shows that feature boy singers, however each DJ does their own variation.

420Guy: Can anyone listen to WEIRD, or does a person have to register on one of the boards?

Kermie: Anyone can listen to the WEIRD site.

420Guy: What are your thoughts about groups like Virtuous Pedophiles?

Kermie: The fact that they stand for loving and caring for boys but never doing anything with them is a good thing. We should be willing to give our lives for a child but NEVER hurt or abuse one in any way.

420Guy: How do you feel about Age of Consent laws? Should they be raised? Lowered? Abolished?

Kermie: That is dealing with something that allows us to tender the idea of sexual relationships. I don’t think we can allow ourselves to fall into that morass. Any answer would seem wrong to some.

420Guy: Will MAPs (minor attracted people) ever gain acceptance in today’s society? If so, to what extent?

Kermie: In time I believe the hysteria will die down. The money it takes to investigate people is drying up. The best way we can facilitate this is not to allow those on the fringe to get the headlines. 99.9 percent of boylovers would never hurt a soul.

420Guy: Do you have any advice for the young pedophile, who is just coming to terms with his or her attractions?

Kermie: Do not feel alone. There is nothing wrong with your feelings. There are many places now where you can find others who have the same feelings as you. You are just as “normal” as anyone else.

420Guy: The Boylove Genie materializes before you and grants you three wishes. What will be your wishes?

Kermie: Be a 10-year-old again. Create a world where BL is accepted as normal. Never let anyone go without “food, health or money.”