Interview with Nigel

Nigel: Here it is.

Lil Monster: Here what is.

Nigel: The room.

LM: Yea it's a good room but the rent is extortion. So how long have you been invisible?

Nigel: I've been invisible for about 8 months then decided to be online. Or if we’re talking about the avatar, I was practically born invisible and have to wear clothes just so people can see me, although it does have some advantages... hehe

LM: Oh what sort of advantages?

Nigel: Sneaking around places like schools, stores... etc. hehehe, and not being able to be found, also it's fun acting like a ghost to scare people.

LM: Lol they pull the sheet off and nobody there.

Nigel: Exactly, their reactions are priceless haha.

LM: So if you were going to have a movie made about your life which actor would you choose to play your YF?

Nigel: That's a good question, there’s so many to choose from.

LM: I know.

Nigel: Hmmmmm... After giving it some thought, I would have to go with Jack Stanton, he's in The Mick TV show/series.

LM: Brb 5 mins

Nigel: k

LM: Back. Wow just looked him up. Cute.

What would you say is your all-time greatest BL interest T.V. show?

Nigel: Hmmmm... It's a tie between Girl Meets World and The Mick but since they are still making more seasons of the Mick I would have to go with that :) both good shows hehe. Auggie wore sleepers a lot... guess I really like sleepers (pyjamas).

LM: Is that what they call pyjamas there? Ok here is the question on everyone's lips, what is your AoA?

Nigel: Yea they call pyjamas that here. Sometimes they also call the PJs for short hehe. My AoA is from 1 - 5 mostly, with some a little older being 6 – 7.

LM: So you are an LBL?

Nigel: Yea LBL.

LM: That's cool. I just put some music on and it came on really loud lol

Nigel: Lol

LM: So how long have you been in the BL online community?

Nigel: I have been in the community for around a year and a half getting closer to two years.

LM: Your getting pretty old then lol

Nigel: hehe

LM: Lol. What's the lifespan of the wild Atlantic BL?

Nigel: 50 years?

LM: Give or take 45.

Nigel: Take.

LM: Do you think the age of consent is too low?

Nigel: I think the AoC is at a good place

LM: That's interesting, you’re the first person I have talked to that has said that.

Nigel: Hehe really?

LM: I mean in the interviews yes. Of course I have spoken personally to guys (and girls) who believe it's in a good place. Is it ok to ask what the AoC is in your region?

Nigel: I would have to google it to make sure I know what it is lol

LM: Lol I guess it's not necessary to know if you’re an exclusive BL. How old were you when you realised you liked boys?

Nigel: True. I was around 10 when I really noticed I liked boys, but I think I knew before then just didn't put too much thought into it before then.

LM: I was a bit older when I first realised but I remember having feeling towards boys from a young age. So you like computer and technology?

Nigel: Yes, computers and technology are great.

LM: I know you can build bots and do wizardry like that. I got a Commodore vic 20, can you bring it up to 2017 spec for me? I will make it worth your while.

Nigel: Sure if it's possible. Might just take out all the old parts and build a new one inside the shell of it.

LM: Lol I wasn't expecting a serious answer. That thing is like 40-years-old. Was that your favourite subject at school?

Nigel: Yeah, and my best subject too!!

LM: Were you good at sport?

Nigel: No, I was always picked last too in gym class.

LM: Me too.

Nigel: It's nice to have things in common.

LM: I know. I bet we both got big penises two right?

Nigel: Mines not that big.

LM: Nor mine.

Nigel: Hehe

LM: Should we leave this bit out of the interview lol

Nigel: Probably lol

LM: I could edit in "yea mine's like 9" "oh mine's 9.25". Lol ok back to the interview. I'm… where was I? Oh yea, so I bet all the ones who didn't pick you first work in McDonald's now.

Nigel: Some are gym trainers hehe, but last time I checked Facebook couple of them were working at McDonald's.

LM: So do you have any fetishes?

Nigel: Yea, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, and urine hehe

LM: Oh what's your favourite? I have to say I always had a pee fetish myself.

Nigel: It is hard to pick a favorite they are all pretty good. But, I could think about it some more to see if I can decide.

LM: Do you own bottles and pacifier and or do you wear diapers?

Nigel: I have used bottles and pacis before but haven't went and bought any recently, although I still do wear diapers.

LM: I have asked this question before in another interview but, do you um go to the toilet I'm the diaper.

Nigel: Yes hehe

LM: Who changes you?

Nigel: I do that later haha when I feel like being an adult again.

LM: That's awesome seems quite immersive.

Nigel: Yeah.

LM: Got image in my head of you with rattle and pacifier watching Teletubbies. Do you have Teletubbies there?

Nigel: Hehe, I think they might still play it on TV sometime I've definitely see Teletubbies before.

LM: Do you enjoy children's television?

Nigel: Yes!!! They have the best shows.

LM: Thundercats. "Why do you sound like a kind of kitchen flooring lino?"

Nigel: Remember watching Thundercats too.

LM: Do you ever drink your whiskey from a baby bottle?

Nigel: I actually haven't ever been drunk before.

LM: That's not the first time a BL has said that to me. It seems that there are quite a few who have never drank. And also there are a fair few alcoholics (I was one).

Nigel: Sorry to hear that, hope you're okay now.

LM: Oh yes thanks for asking my friend I'm doing fine now.

Nigel: That's good to hear.

LM: So Nigel, is there any final words of wisdom or advice you would like to share with your fellow BLs?

Nigel: Just to live one day at a time cause thinking about the future can be scary/worrisome and the less stressed out we are the happier we'll be.

LM: Nice I like that. It's been great to talk to you my friend and I hope the reader enjoys it as much as I did.

Nigel: Great talking with you too! Later.

LM: Later.