Interview with jonny399

LM: Hey.

JONNY399: Hey.

JONNY399: So here I am. I canceled my other chats, and am all yours.

JONNY399: Mr. Zoom said hi.

LM: Where is Zoom?

JONNY399: He is on Tox and BMW. Or I think he is. Anyway, I was chatting with him on Tox.

LM: So how did you come up with the idea for 50 Shades?

JONNY399: It was after I read 50 Shades of Grey. And I wondered what boys really think. And it was not like I could just ask boys. But then I thought ... why not?

LM: I'm sort of making this up as i go lol.

JONNY399: That's okay.

LM: How did you go about finding the interviewees?

JONNY399: Well I knew some of the boys, and some were from friends online, who had young friends, AND AFTER ASKING PERMISSION, I INTERVIEWED THE BOYS AND THEIR AFS. IT WAS REALLY QUITE EASY.

JONNY399: Oops. Sorry, I simply hate a caps lock key . LOL.

LM: That's okay, I'll edit it out later. I'll change the caps. Might even leave it in for a laugh.

JONNY399: Hehe sure.

LM: Were you expecting 50 Shades to be such a hit?

JONNY399: Actually no, after I wrote it I almost didn't publish it, as I was sure it was "boring." But I had promised all the boys I would send it in anyway.

JONNY399: I mean, it had bad comments. But all that says to me is that it was well-read. And people actually understood what it was trying to say. Little did I know it would be well accepted. Or that is the impression I got. Even if it said something different to everyone who read it.

LM: Are you planning a third?

JONNY399: I was, but it got cancelled. When the Island went away, I lost contact with too many members, and after the second one it seemed to be complete, so I am writing a new article for the next issue of Ethos.

LM: Can you give us some spoilers?

JONNY399: Well I can say it looks at the age-old question of age of consent. What is it, and what does it really mean? Questions I have struggled with all my life.

LM: Sounds good, I look forward to reading it. What do you think of the age of consent?

JONNY399: Well that is a complicated question. Is it an out-dated law, or rather a law to allow the government to control our lives? It works to put fear and loathing into our youth as well as every man, woman, and child. The ages keep getting pushed later and later. And even though we can go to war at age 18, in most places we can't even have sex yet. So we can die, but not reproduce? Before the age of consent laws, parents protected their children, now it is left up to the government.

LM: The nanny state?

JONNY399: Don't understand . "The nanny state?"

LM: That's what we call it here when the government interferes in our family affairs.

JONNY399: Then yes, a nanny state.

LM: Do you see it ever getting better for us pedophiles?

LM: BRB five minutes.

JONNY399: Yes, but to start with, that word "pedophile" is an ugly word. It has a basic meaning, and a evil meaning that society has placed ... a scarlet letter. So I will not think of myself in that way. A boylover, yes. A child lover for some of us out here. But a "pedophile?" No. That to me is like calling me a rapist.

JONNY399: Okay, I got to pee anyway.

JONNY399: Dinner is ready in five minutes, I'll be back then. BRB.

LM: Okay.

JONNY399: Okay, I'm back.

LM: How old were you when you first realized you were a boylover?

JONNY399: That would be around 7 or 8 . maybe younger. Of course back then there was no name I knew of. I was just a strange boy, or so I was led to believe. Maybe younger. It is a difficult question to answer.

JONNY399: I recently posted this, maybe it will help answer that. I recall a time when I was very young. I was at the library and looking for a book to read. Well, I ended up in the art section and took down a book on photography, and browsing through, I came across a picture of a nude boy. I was flabbergasted and fascinated. There was no one else around so I looked at the other pictures. There were a few other nude boy pictures. I checked out that book and took it home. I was confused as to why I was so attracted to the nude boy pictures. I took the book in my room and would study the pictures for hours. There were also little girls nude in all their glory, but it was the boys I paid particular attention to. I had no one to go to with these questions. I used to say to myself that sure they are boys, but they are just men before they were grown up and that maybe that is what held such fascination for me. I found that I was getting a stiffly each time I looked at the pictures. The little girls were beautiful, but beyond that they did nothing to me, well nothing down there. I checked out that book and a few others like it in the upcoming weeks and no one ever asked me why I was so interested in art.

LM: You mentioned the Island being down. Was EI your first board? How did you come to be on EI?

JONNY399: No, EI was actually my second board. I was invited to the Island. A member invited me there. And it was a funny story that made me stay.

LM: What was it?

JONNY399: You see, I am dyslexic , so when I signed up with Enchanted Island, I put my date of birth as 1999 instead of 1966. Well as you can imagine, that made everyone there think I was quite young. A member sent me a PM,, and asked me my age, as I was going on and on about being a trucker driver, and owning a company. So when I found out, I tried to change it, but being a new member I was not able to change my age as it was posted. So I made an announcement in the chat room, and posted my real age and did all I could to correct that. And I was at the time horrified, but looking back on it now, I see it as funny. I was instantly liked by all members. Or most of them . even after they found out my true age. So that was to me a funny story. And now I am very careful about that stuff.

LM: Do you think aliens exist?

JONNY399: An off-the-wall question if I ever heard one. And as for aliens . depends on what you mean. Life on other planets? Well, life on other planets, perhaps, but maybe not as we see it. Religion certainly believed in aliens, but they called them Gods, or maybe not. But as for me . I need evidence.

LM: What is your age of attraction?

JONNY399: And I will ask you, and perhaps the readers, why must we place an age on our attraction? If I am attracted to an 8 year old today and then I am attracted to his brother of 11, are both not boys of their own? What I am saying is this ... in the outside world, no one asks men, "What is you age of attraction for the woman you wish to marry?" And they won't say, "I like 25 year olds." So although I can say I do like 5 year olds, I can also say I like 10 year olds.

JONNY399: It is not their bodies that I first see, it is their minds, and the unique way they look at life.

LM: Do you think boylove is a sexuality, or an age preference of gay?

JONNY399: Please explain the question, as I don't understand what you are asking.

LM: There is a debate about whether boylove (and girl love) is a separate sexuality, or just an age preference.

JONNY399: Ahh, well I do belive it is a sexuallity, but that does not mean that sex is a requirement. Just as there are couples out in the world that are not sexual, but still very much in love, the same can be said about child love, or boylove, or girl love.

JONNY399: And as for a magic age . well to me there is no such thing. But as for a body, well let's just say there is, indeed, a body.

LM: Are there any final thoughts you'd like to share with the readers?

JONNY399: Well that is hard, as I am not sure the main focus of this interview. It seemed to be about my article 50 Shades, then about age of consent, and finally about AOA. So with that, all I can say is to be true to yourself.

LM: There is no purpose really, just for the reader to get to know you.

JONNY399: Okay, then one final thought.

LM: Okay.

JONNY399: If the government makes a law that says ice cream is now illegal, will you suddenly not like ice cream? Or will you stop eating it, but still think of it?

LM: I will brb, keep writing, I won't be long.

JONNY399: No need to answer, it is meant to make you think, is all.

LM: That's good way to end.

JONNY399: Thanks. If I can help any any other way, just ask.

LM: So the interview ends at your rhetorical question.

JONNY399: Great. I love it.

LM: Cool. Thanks, Jonny.

JONNY399: BRB . got to take the dog out.