Interview with wolfrunner


LIL MONSTER: Hey. How are you?

WR: Hey, I'm good. Give me two minutes and i will be ready, okay?

LM: Okay, cool. No need to put a thong on for me.

WR: Lol ... Okay, I'm ready. I'm good now.

LM: So I make this up as I go.

WR: Okay, cool.

LM: Spend about an hour or so quizzing you.

WR: Okay.

LM: Where did you get the inspiration from for your story?

WR: It is something that I would like to happen for real. So you could say it comes from the heart.

LM: You would like to adopt a kid?

WR: Yes, I have two of my own but if I could give a boy that was neglected a good home, yes I would like to do it.

LM: What do you think motivates you to want to give a child a home?

WR: I was adopted when I was 6 months old. I was lucky, there are kids that are in the system most or all of their lives because of their age. I think about them and would like to give one hope.

LM: Thats admirable. Do you feel you have alot to teach a kid?

WR: Yes, I do.. I have two trades that i could teach, and i also know how to build things and have knowledge in landscaping and people skills that will come in handy dealing with peolpe in any situation they will be in.

LM: Thats cool. So do you have any kids in your life right now you can teach these things to?

WR: Yes, i have two.

LM: That's cool. So, a serious question coming up.

WR: Okay.

LM: It's one that child lovers have been wrestling with for many years. WR: Okay, shoot.

LM: What is your opinion of circumcision?

WR: Well personally I'm for it. I don't think it causes any detrimental effects on a boy, and I think it is more hygienic for an adolesent boy to be cut.

LM: What about the people who have bad cut jobs?

WR: I have never met one. I'm not saying there are none, but I don't think there are alot.

LM: I guess I'm on the fence.

WR: That must hurt. Lol.

LM: Lol. Do you like cheese on your hot dog? Grated cheese?

WR: Hell no.

LM: Lol. Do you have any fetishes?

WR: Yes.

LM: Cool. What ones?

WR: I'm a DL.

LM: Dragonlover?

WR: Diaper lover.

LM: Ah, cool what is it you like about them?

WR: The feel. I can't explain it, but I dont mess them, I only wet mine.

LM: Ah, so you wear them. Day and night?

WR: No, I wear them when I'm alone, and it is not alot. I'm not in them 24/7.

LM: Cool. It's not something I know much about. Do you like to see boys wearing them?

WR: Yes.

LM: IIs there an aspect of you wanting to be a child taken care of, wearing a diaper?

WR: No, I'm not into the ABDL, I'm just a DL. I like to see boys wearing, and I'm not into the babying thing. A perfect example is Robbie. He looks great in a diaper, and if you look at the star or racecar diaper sites, Scotty and Cole are adorable in them.

LM: Oh, are there sites? I guess there must be.

WR: Yes, Tiger underwear is one star, diapers is another, and then Racecar diapers is one. Scotty and Cole are on all of them.

LM: Cool. Have you ever talked to a plant?

WR: Yes.

LM: Cool. I guess it didnt answer. Whst did you say to it?

WR: Hurry and grow, I need a smoke.

LM: Lol. Thst answers my next question. What sort of plant?

WR: Lol.

LM: How old were you when you first had a crush?

WR: Eight.

LM: Cool. Who was it?

WR: A girl named Mary Ann.

LM: Awww, cute. Did you ask her out?

WR: No, I hid in the coat rack and when she came by I popped out and kissed her on the cheek.

LM: Aww, that's so cute. How did she react?

WR: Cried ... and I got into trouble.

LM: Aww.

WR: After that we were boyfriend and girlfriend for about three months. Hell, we were 8.

LM: Wow, that's a good run for 8. Did you know you liked boys at that age?

WR: No, I didn't know until i was 12 to 13.

LM: You liked girls first. That's cool, I was the other way.

WR: Well, I still liked girls even after i realized I was a BL.

LM: I like everything, even sheep.

WR: Oh, okay, you live where men are men and sheep are scared.

LM: Oh, the sheep aren't scared. But they test more lipstick than American animals.

WR: Oh, okay. Lol. Do they have a faveorite color?

LM: Blowjob red. What is the best day of your life? Or "was" the best day of your life?

WR: I have a lot of good things that have happeed in my life. I don't know if I can pick just one that was the best. I hope I have not had the best day yet.

LM: I certainly hope you have plenty of great ones to come. What is your AoA?

WR: Nine to sixteen.

LM: Does it ever chsnge slightly?

WR: Some, yes, but not alot.

LM: When did you find your first online board?

WR: About 3 - 4 years ago.

LM: Cool. Have you been on many?

WR: Just three.

LM: Do you miss EI?

WR: Yes, I do. Not that any other board is bad, but I knew everyone there, and Iwas on staff there.

LM: And kermie. He really made it, didn't he?

WR: Yes. And he was the one that got me to write. I co-wrote a story with him, and he told me how good I was, and I didn't believe him. I still don't know if I'm that good.

LM: He was good at motivating people. Yes, your stories are great. Do you still have the Halloween one I starred in?

WR: Lol, I forgot about that one. I think it is on my other laptop.

LM: I was so honored. So have you ever owned a kite?

WR: Yes.

LM: Did you ever lose a kite?

WR: Yes.

LM: The wind is a fickle mistress.

WR: I think most kids have lost a kite.

LM: I did, and I was very unhappy lol. One final question. Is red wine okay to drink out of a pint glass?

WR: No, I don't like red wines to begin with, and if i did, I would drink them from a red wine glass.

LM: Would the glass be red?

WR: No. It would be the shape of a red wine glass.

LM: Do you have any final words to share with the dressers? Shit, readers not dressers. lol.

WR: Yes. I would like to say, I have made friends in the BL community, and I value the support they have given me, and at times I have given them. We need each other in order to progress.