As an entity who many people may think represents the boylove community we have to make clear a few things. We want to avoid confusion, so it's important that these things are understood.

Smaller and simpler disclaimer

  • We're not all of the boylove community and we do not represent the entire boylove community.
  • Opinions and viewpoints shared in the magazine or on BBN (Blue Boy News) pages are not necessarily shared by any other person of the community or of Ethos.
  • Content in either Ethos Magazine or in BBN may not be correct or reliable.
  • When stories are posted on BBN, the links were working. If a link stops working, tell us as soon as you can.
  • When you submit something, you're literally giving it to us. We have to say you're the person who wrote it, but it's ours after you press that submit button.
  • If you submit something we do not have to include it.
  • If we decide to include your submission it WILL be edited for spelling and grammar, or content might be removed.
  • Ethos and MBM are separate to one another. We are not responsible for anything contained within the issues of MBM which we host here.
  • Opinions shared in MBM may not be shared by anyone at Ethos, or elsewhere in the boylove community.

More detailed disclaimer

Global disclaimer statements

  • We do not, and cannot, represent the entirety of the boylove community. At no time should you take anything said in anything on Ethos (including Ethos Magazine and Blue Boy News) as representative of the boylove community.
  • Opinions represented within Ethos Magazine, on our website (includng those expressed in interviews), or in items of Blue Boy News, are solely that of the author(s). Those opinions may not be shared by Ethos (including Ethos Magazine and Blue Boy News), the boylove community, or any of the individuals who dedicate their time to Ethos.
  • Pictures found in Ethos (including Ethos Magazine and Blue Boy News) are entirely legal. Appropriate attribution has been provided where required.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any misinformation presented in any part of Ethos (including Ethos Magazine and Blue Boy News).

Disclaimer statements specific to Ethos Magazine

  • Upon completion of the submission process you are agreeing to give us all of the contents of the submission. If we use the submission anywhere, we will provide appropriate attribution to the stated author.
  • We reserve the right to choose whether to include or exclude any content submitted to us for whatever reason we decide.
  • Content which we decide to include in Ethos may be edited in order to correct spelling, grammar, word usage, or to remove sections we deem unsuitable to the public.

Disclaimer statements specific to Blue Boy News

  • We cannot be held responsible for content hosted on the third-party websites which items of Blue Boy News provide links to.

About MBM (Modern Boylove Magazine)

  • We (Ethos) have not created any issue of MBM, and as such cannot be held responsible for any of the content in any issue of MBM hosted on our website.
  • Opinions represented within MBM and the articles within each issue of MBM are solely that of the article author, and that opinion may not be shared by MBM, the individuals who created MBM, Ethos, the individuals who create Ethos, or the wider boylove community.