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Blue Boy News

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Were they on their computers? I often see them texting and driving going down the street ...
This boy gets to drive, “legally” if not would he be on the news in a high speed chase. Like so many other boys?
Now the second time he took the family car for a spin. Maybe just grounding him was not enough?
The teen seems to have only a limited source of trust in their lives, especially when it comes to being open without the fear of judgement. Perhaps an AF may be the answer?
Many people are asking why does a "Girl Scouts" even exist, if girls can now be Boy Scouts ... but I beg to ask, will boys be allowed to join the Girl Scouts?
This boy is a middle school hero.
It turns out the boy was only at a friend's house. Thank goodness.
A 7-year-old boy with a rare and fatal skin condition that causes gruesome blisters has been given a treatment that is nothing short of a medical breakthrough.
Tis the season for giving?
Poor little guy must have been so scared ... or was it the making of “Children of the Corn" ... ?
Perhaps the school needs to just allow a teen to be a teen.
This is perhaps why 10-year-olds should not be issued drivers licenses ... what do you think?