Privacy Policy

Last update: July 30, 2018

Tell me everything

We collect nothing! That's as simple as it gets. We collect absolutely no data from you at all. Not even your IP address. We don't use cookies either, if you can believe that. Some of the pictures on the front page require us to provide attribution links. You can find those here. The use of these pictures does not infringe anyones rights or privacy. The site has been coded so you don't need JavaScript to use it (per user feedback). Some things may look a little different without JavaScript, and that's fine. The limited JavaScript we use is found in the navigation menu, privacy page, disclaimer page, and status checker (with some jQuery involved). For more info, see the Detailed privacy policy.

Data collection

We do not collect any data from you. At no point do we collect, store, or use, data from you. Your IP address, user-agent, and any other data, is never used or even read.

Our use of images

In order to comply with the licences attached to certain images used here, we are required to provide attribution to the image author. Attribution to all images requiring attribution used by the Ethos website can be found on our attribution page. The use of these images does not infringe anyones right to privacy and is in accordance with the licence attached to each image. The images are hosted locally, on the Ethos servers, ensuring that they come from a secure source.


We do not use cookies at any point on the Ethos website.


JavaScript is used in tiny amounts on the website, and is entirely optional. If you wish, you can disable JavaScript entirely while browsing our website. It will still work, but some things might be different (for example, navigation dropdowns won't persist if clicked). JavaScript's usage is limited to the navigation menu, and the buttons on the Privacy Policy page, the Disclaimer page, and the Status Checker. JavaScript is not required for any of these pages to work, though the Status Checker won't update if JS isn't enabled as JS fires the trigger to re-check listed sites. When using the status checker here, JavaScript will use AJAX (with the help of jQuery 3.3.1) to communicate with the Ethos website after the page has loaded to check and update statuses. It will not cause your browser to communicate with other websites at any point.