Rather than directly linking to websites, we put you through this redirector. We do this for two reasons, really.

  • So you know you're leaving the Ethos website.
  • So other websites don't know you came to them from us.

Normally, when you go from one web page to another by clicking a link, or by a script, or by submitting a form, one of the HTTP headers your browser sends to the server called "referrer" contains the URL of the page you were just at. If you go from Google to Facebook by clicking a link, Facebook will know exactly what page you just came from.

To make sure that your privacy is protected, we tell the browser that it can't send this header to the place it's going to next. This means that any website you go to as a result of clicking a link on our website will never know that you came from us, or that you were ever even visiting the Ethos website.